Posted by Picasa Always remember the Importance of Love.

Always remember that Love begins within You,
and from learning *how* to love and
nurture yourself, you are then better able to be in a loving and nurturing relationship with another.

Always remember that until *you* treat yourself well, others are not likely to.

Always remember to appreciate the goodness in everyone. Don’t dwell on what is wrong, but focus on what is right. Smile at an unhappy face and lend kindness to the world.

Always remember that, until you treat yourself well, others are not likely to.
Always remember to release old pain, fear, doubts and worry… for dwelling on them will Always hold you back from the success, love, abundance and prosperity your heart longs for.

Always remember to focus on what you *can* do, not beat yourself up over what you *can’t* do. If you focus on your *can do’s* soon your *can’t do’s* will become *cans*.

Always remember how Special You Are. Remember to be Kind to You so that you are better able to be kind to and understand others.

Always remember to be patient with yourself. You are made in God’s likeness and should treat yourself with the honor and respect as HE would.

Always remember to love and nurture *You* for *You* are the most important person in Your world.

As you achieve a healthy sense of *Self Love* you will find life so much easier to handle in so many ways. Your emotions will become your friend instead of your enemy. Feeling will become a pleasure and comfort instead of a fear. Life will become a consistent joy instead of a roller coaster ride to the unknown.

Always remember… The Importance of Love…

And… Always remember that I am here for you when ever you may need me.

With Love and Light,


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