When you choose to seek the joy that is in life … Joy is what will find you.

It’s easy to get caught up in the habit of dwelling on what hurts or what you fear… It’s a habit many people have.

It doesn’t mean that life doesn’t have it’s hard or difficult moments.

Life does.

It means you make a deliberate effort to focus on what is *Good* in life instead of dwelling on what bothers you.

When you allow yourself to learn to release the fear and focus on faith … on the *Joy* … that is in life, you open yourself to the door of happiness.

Once you step inside that door, happiness is available for you at a deep sincere level that will comfort your life with the sweet melody of serenity.

It’s a beautiful song just waiting for you to sing. I hope today finds you taking the time to learn to sing your own personal song of Joy.

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