Color Your Life not just Your Easter Eggs …

Coloring your life doesn’t mean becoming best friends with your rose colored glasses.

What I’m asking you to do is to take a step beyond anything you may be subconsciously avoiding or not seeing with the clear stroke of reality. To step past any denial that has colored your world in a hazy out of focus way or draped your world with a dark or dreary feeling of depression.

Color makes a difference to the message you bring, not just in your life, but to others that share your life as well. Ask yourself, “What does YOUR Color Book of Life” say about you? What message are you sending yourself? After all, it IS the message that you send your inner self that is the most important message of your life. What everyone else thinks is inconsequential compared to the value and importance you give to yourself. Simply asked, “Are You Loving You?”

I’m not talking about being narcissistic or conceited. I’m not speaking of the ego that over rides the struggle of a frightened self esteem. I’m talking about the true value of self love. It has great strength and it carries within it great tenderness. Balance. Love. Confidence.

Are you coloring your world with love and happy thoughts. Is there honesty and kindness or are you dwelling on what has hurt you, made you mad, or has you stuck in feeling that you have been wronged?

Are you focused on solutions to help make your life a brighter, happier place or coloring your thoughts with anger and trying to hurt someone because you feel they have hurt you?

The colors you paint inside of yourself are the colors that will reflect your outer self. Are you happy and inviting others to share your joy and laughter or have you become stuck in the dark clouds of anger and self doubt? Do you find yourself attracting the hues of pessimism that will weigh down your world or are you reaching for the bright light of sunshine that is available to you even on a rainy day?

Have you any idea how special you are and that everything that is made of positivity and goodness in life belongs to you? It does, you know, whether you realize it, believe it or accept that thought. You are the ruler of your own world and have more power than you may know.

Happiness, success, true and unconditional love all belong to you and are there for you to invite into your world.

The first step?

Look at the colors of your world. Choose to make your words and actions take steps toward joy. Brighten your colors with kind words. Step away from the shroud of saying or thinking the negative or letting worry burden your thoughts.

Listen to your words. Are you being kind to yourself and others? Is there a positive tone to your voice? Or are you stuck in the roller coaster of self criticism and being judgmental? You can change that. You have the power to change what ever dial you choose to set your mind to. Be it positive or negative.

You can color your world in whatever direction you choose to go. Brighten it or darken it. The first step is to borrow patience and begin by being kind to you.

What will you choose? Are you ready to value you?

I am here for you, should you ever need me to help guide you along the way.

Love Now and Always,



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