You’re invited to join in … Teleconference Sunday, Sept 20 7-7:30pm PDT

Subject: Happiness, The First Step. Releasing head spin cycles, anger & drama

Advisor: Fairie Moon Child   Conference ID: 10301   Read Feedback

Date & Time: September 20, 2009   From: 7:00 PM PST   To: 7:30 PM PST

Price: $26.50   [New Click4Advisor User? Register Here!]   [Existing Click4Advisor User? Register Here!]

Description: Introductory.
Breaking down the steps to happiness in all areas of your life and understanding how to get out of your own way.

Every step won’t be able to happen in the first session and as the classes/conference calls continue, I’m hoping to lengthen the sessions/course. This is just a start that may break into many courses or even Skype sessions.

I will speak on the first steps in building a sound structure for happiness over a course of several week as well as giving you accountability and homework between classes.

In this first class, there will be guidance & information given during the first 20-25 minutes and answering questions during, as well as specifically in the last 10-15 minutes of class. You will be able to send questions via chat conference during our call. (there is a grace period after the call should we need it)

If your questions or “Why? Moments” aren’t answered fully, I will make myself available for private calls or readings for those attending the conference at a special of $2.99 min when we are done.

**Be prepared for homework and accountability.
**It is up to YOU to participate in finding Your Inner Peace.


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