What is owning you … ?

When a person, place or thing,
when some situation or part of your life is taking up valuable
space inside of your head,
causing you grief, worry, or to spin in circles
over thinking
feeling anxious
stressing  …

It’s time to detach,
step back
and find your *own* space inside 
of your head again …
to find you
and stop taking ownership of
any issue, person, or situation
that is taking you from a place of peace.

Never let someone else’s issues
become your issue.
Never let a situation, be it work or family become so powerful in
your mind’s eye that you become uncomfortable in your own skin.
Those things don’t belong to you and are not yours to keep.

Instead of giving away your power,
Empower YOU!  You will accomplish MUCH More
when you come from a place of Peace.

You can never change anyone
except yourself.

When you choose to find your inner peace
you have chosen to rise above the traitor inside of your head
that is throwing your power away.

Take a deep cleansing breath …
and Choose to EMPOWER YOU …  from there, your answers will come.

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