Inner Peace is a Choice ~ $2.99 Friday Special ~

Inner Peace is a choice.
It comes from a conscious decision of
CHOOSING to remain calm,
drama free & in faith.
Inner Peace is built in LOVE

When you feel like lashing out at another,
it is that EXACT time you need to
No good ever comes from angry behavior.

Anger is a bi product of fear and hurt.
Fear is a bi product of insecurity.
Hurt is an emotion that needs to be nurtured
not fed toxicity.

When you are scared,
it is THAT time that you need to nurture YOU the most.
Nurture w/ love, seek calm.
Lashing out will not help long term

Slow down.
Nurture You.
Love never comes from a place of fear, anger or rejection.
Find your inner voice that resonates the calm in you.

With every second in every day,
you have a NEW opportunity to
become the person you’d like to be.
Seize the moment! You can do it!

When you learn the true depth of love,
you learn you don’t have to be afraid any more.

Love comes in a one size fits all package.
 Don’t be afraid to try yours on! ♥

$2.99 Friday Special
12 noon – 11:00 p.m. PDT
You can reach my call buttons for the specials
by clicking here or here.

You can find me on Twitter or Facebook
under FairieMoonChild.


(The message from above was taken from Tweets
in my Tweet stream on Twitter. 
Messages channeled for clients. 
Conscious reminders of Love
and making wise and healthy choices
that assist in yielding desired results in love and life.)

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