Life is FULL of Opportunities …

Your life is Full of opportunities to climb the ladder upward. To be the Success you’ve dreamt of. To have the Loving relationship and friends your heart desires.   The only thing keeping you from your dreams is You. Sometimes we have to *learn how* to get out of our own way. Sometimes we have to *learn how” to approach life with our best foot forward, instead of our worse attitude guarding the gate.   It doesn’t make anyone a bad person, It just means they have a bad habit that needs to be kicked and left behind.   Peaceful minds create loving opportunities full of success & abundance.


That belongs to *You*.


You deserve all the best life has to give!


I’m here for you, to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

I use my gift as a Clairvoyant  Empath

to help guide you to a place of inner peace by reading

the energy around you or those you may have questions about,

helping to put you back on the right path for you.


Monday Specials! $2.99 per minute.

You can call me here or here

or make an appointment by emailing me at

Or DM’ing me on Twitter at

(We must be following each other on Twitter in order to DM me)


IM Chat appointments are also aviable.


(if you have never used a dial in call button before & are worried about how much it will

cost, please feel you can email & make a private appointment for a private consultation.

Depending on the question or the situation that needs to be looked at, most calls range

between 5 and 30 minutes, although difficult situations can take up to an hour.

Many like the security of the call buttons for their private information, however you can

email me for rate and paypal information. 

Paypal payments are also available. 


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