Blessed Change ~ Monday Special

With all of the Energy Changes comes BLESSED CHANGE ~

Although your life may, at times, feel upside down, everything that’s occurring is for a higher good, helping to take you to a better space and place in your life, preparing to leave behind that which no longer serves you in positive or meaningful ways.

Stay centered, focusing on keeping your balance to remain clear of extremes and that “all or nothing” behavior that leaves your chest feeling torn apart, shredding your emotions into a confusing twist, questioning everything you do, say, or think. 

Think calm instead of fear!  Allow Divine Grace and Acceptance to keep the blessings of internal clam flowing through your mind and your heart.

Know that solutions are always there and available for you.

I’m here to answer or explain any questions, calm your heart and help you find your way back to a center of balance once more.

$2.99 Monday Specials, By CALLBACK or APPOINTMENT ONLY                                                                           can be found by clicking here and here.        

With Love all things are possible.


**Today’s Card is from the Doreen Virtue, Ph.D deck of Magical Mermaids & Dolphins.        




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