Monday Message from the Faerie Realms



This mornings message from the Faerie Realms:


Be Peaceful

and Dream

set Goals that will allow your Dreams to come true


Give and Receive with all

they especially say to

“make sure to have balance”

gently being aware

that you are not being selfish

nor giving too much…


Waiting for the right moments to take action

does not mean putting yourself in harms way or stopping your

life from taking exciting new adventures.

You’re allowed to feel vulnerable without exposing it.


Watch through wise eyes to see when the next

best move can be made.


And lastly they speak of Support and the importance

of creating a healthy support system as well as giving

support to others in *healthy ways*.


Surround yourself with what you wish to be or want to become

while keeping your center grounded with the

uniqueness that make you the special individual you are.


Autonomy Balanced with Peaceful Thoughts

& Fulfilling Dreams.


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