Sunday Message From the Angels … (and Sunday Specials)


Sunday Messages from the Angels …



People are still living in too much fear, some of it self made. 

It will only create a cloud of anger, anxiety, panic attacks or frustration around them,

feeding the fear wave and creating more chaos instead of  filling their lives with Love.


Many are changing and want to change, but fear needs to be released. 


Angel Athena wants you to know it is safe to be powerful within yourself and

to fill this power with love.

It is safe to empower yourself  and fill *you* with Love. 

It is safe to love and show your loving side. 

It is safe to have, yearn for, and manifest your dreams.


Release the need of having *others* empower or take care of you emotionally.

Release the need of seeking approval from others to feel good about yourself. 

Instead, empower yourself with love and  patience. 

Take what ever time is needed to grow and learn  how to empower your life with inner strength. 


This creates an open door for Angel Azure

to help your desired outcomes and dreams begin to manifest. 

Don’t force anything into action, allow yourself to have patience

and flow with each day, creating harmony and

enjoying each moment

as it unfolds,

allowing happiness in your heart,


that your dreams are now manifesting.


Angel Adriana is there to lead you forward,

take time to listen to the calm quiet messages your

life is reflecting through your thoughts, dreams and intuition.


Angel Bethany is asking that you remember to love yourself properly

by taking the time needed to care for yourself  first. 

When you do so, everyone benefits. 

This means taking time to relax, exercise, eat healthy, nurture self,

take time for massages, manicures or pedicures, a serene walk, laughter with friends,

gardening, sharing loving moments, and creating a loving environment for you. 


It is not selfish to take care of yourself,  it is a necessity.

Take time to retreat, nurture and love you!  It is that important!


When you make your focus in the light of  *higher good*

you allow your prayers to be answered

and blessings to unfold.  

This gives you freedom

from angst, anger, fear or any negative thoughts 

that may have held you hostage emotionally.


Love is your strongest weapon.  It never strikes down, it always builds up.

Let your life reflect this and you will begin to see changes.


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Todays Angel Cards were pulled from Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Angels

and Messages from the Angels.


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