TenTenTen, The Power of Ten

This October, in the year 2010, it is a double activation of the number 10.
Numerically 10 represents instant manifestation.
Manifestation simply means applying your focus with the intention of creating your visualization (internally seeing it happen) and believing your dreams will come true. 

Faith in your Dreams and Desires.

Faith in You, the life you want to lead and how you want to live it.


The art of visualizing is a long time habit of many of the most talented professional athletes, Olympians and businessmen, alike.
This month, if you will focus on what you desire, it will have an extra energy boost behind it to help with a faster than normal manifestation.
This Sunday mediate not only for global peace & healing, but for all that you desire in your life “for your higher good.” 


Sunday, October 10, 2010 happens to be a triple activation of the number 10, and extremely powerful for manifesting desired results.
Think about what your dreams and goals are. 

Where would you like them to go?

Take time today to focus on the good that you want in your life and step away from dwelling or coddling anything negative that burdens you.
When you focus on the negative, you will unintentionally pull all of that negative to you, which is the exact opposite of what you want!
Try, as hard as you can, to put all of your focus on the POSITIVE and allow your hopes, dreams, goals and fruitful desires to manifest into a happy reality.
If you would like further help, life questions answered, or guidance through a reading, you may contact me here or here.
Questions and Reading Inquiries can be sent to fairiemoonchild@gmail.com

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