The Energy of Change …

The October energy is about changes and shifts

and how they can all be positive

if you will allow yourself to see them that way.


No, that’s not trick code wording for “something negative is going to happen.”


It’s plain and simple.  October brings change and there are many energy shifts that

may feel uncomfortable to you, but they are not bad shifts, they are taking you to

a higher level of consciousness, awareness and inner truth. 


It will be harder to carry any old denials, which means you can have moments of

emotional struggle while opening up to a new level of awareness.


For those of you that have been working so hard on change,

it will be harder to continue old patterns of behavior or thought that that no longer work for you.

You’re opening up into a higher level of consciousness that will insist you create a peaceful

path as you go about your daily life.  The energy will keep turning to ask you learn to nurture yourself.


The desire to do better, be better and to take loving care of yourself is going to

keep putting the question, “Is this the right thing for me?” up in your face almost 24/7.


Granted, change can happen any day you choose to invite it into your life!

You don’t have to wait for any of the October energies, you can choose to step into and evolve in

a new level of life at any given moment you desire to make that kind of difference for yourself.

You won’t regret it and you’ll only be minus a bad habit or two, self destructive behavior and some drama.


It’s there, now, waiting for you to choose. 

Embrace Change and it will open wide, the doors of the world for you.


Today’s 3 Energy Cards were pulled from the Doreen Virtue cards,  Mermaid & Dolphin’s .

A New Dawn.  Empowerment.  Stay Optimistic.

Stay Optimistic, Learn to Empower You and watch A New Dawn & New Doors open for you!


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Today’s photo is from my artistically beautiful friend Diane Cordell



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