Happy Thanksgiving with Love …



Our heads can become a blur while we rush about to make it through our nine to five, study for classes,

pick up the dry cleaning, grab the kids from school and find what’s left in the grocery isles. 

Or we’re thinking about what kind of jerk our boss has been, whether your girlfriend or boyfriend is

really coming to dinner this time, do you have time to make it to the gym, is that shoe lace broke,  well hell, maybe a beer first… 


Then WAIT!  PANIC!  I forgot about my deadline, my laptop just fried, my phone won’t work, my battery is dead,

is so and so still mad at me, I have to remember to call grandma … or did mom say she’s coming to dinner?


Life can end up being one big tumbled rush.


For today, allow the LOVE of this moment to fill your heart with Gratitude and Joy.


Stop thinking.


Don’t worry if the dinner is ready at two or whether your In-Laws will once again be late.

Choose to not let life’s little bobbles or anyone else’s attitudes become big bobbles or burdens inside

your mind. 




Cold food isn’t the end of the world.

Late dinners can still be eaten.


Just once, don’t worry.  

Choose it.  I know that you can do it!


There is nothing worth getting your head in spin out mode about.

Don’t rush, relax … and just let your day happen.


Find your way to Gratitude and blessings will follow.


Have Gratitude for the simple things and the parts of your life that are most beautiful. 

You have them, you know.  Even if you don’t always see it.


An Attitude of Gratitude can transform your life into everything that is wonderful.

Take a chance and allow yourself to find that space that lives inside of your heart,

then fill your mind with all that is made of Gratitude.




Tell me, what are three things you’re Grateful for today?

I am grateful for all of you, the peace and calm of this beautiful day, and loving messages and calls from friends and family.

(and that I’m going to sneak out into the garden later … *smiles*)


You?  What are you Grateful for … ?


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