Always Be There …


While the energy’s of December continue to shift, Uranus going forward, Mercury going retrograde,

it is always important for us to reflect on what is going on inside of ourselves. 

It is within ourselves where we either create a peaceful day or chaos. 


You have more power over your world than you know.


Today’s Fairie Card message tells us to Always.


Always be there for YOU. 

Always understand that you are an important part of the Universe and what YOU bring to your surroundings,

within yourself and with others, affects the outcome of your day. 


It affects whether your relationships are built on love, compassion and understanding,

or whether they are existing in the fragile state of turmoil.  It’s up to YOU to set

appropriate and nurturing boundaries that allow yourself to have those peaceful times,

even if they are just for a moment.


Always remember, you were and are made of infinite love. 

Tap into your original source and allow love to connect you to all you know and

all with whom you are about to meet.


Practice creating an enviornment of inner peace.


In recognizing that you must be the captain of your own ship, it is important that a focus is given to health,

nurturing your body, knowing that you deserve to live dis-ease free, whether the area of trouble be physical,

spiritual, or mental.  The lack of wholeness, or what you fear you may be missing is, at times, an illusion. 

What we need is Always here for us if we but open ourselves to letting it in and allowing what we need to happen.

Sometimes that is hard to see or understand because deep hurt or fear may block the path.


During this hectic holiday season, take time to nurture and place yourself first. 

Get rest, choose to eat healthy and not over indulge at the tables of delight.

Call a long lost friend, family member or relative and say, “Wish you were here.” 

Connect in peaceful and loving ways not only with yourself, but with others. 

Reach out and create a nurturing glow of love in your life and with those around you. 


*You* have that kind of power.


Use your power with positivity.  Use your power with Love.


If you are finding yourself full of unaswered questions I am here for you, to help put your mind at ease.

Today’s Reading Specials can be found HERE and HERE.


If you’re not comfortable with a dial-in-system private readings with reasonable rates

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