Peace of Mind …

Today’s Fairie Message had been staring at me for the last two days, laying on top of a deck of cards, often slipping

off the top of the deck as if to shout, “Pick Me, Pick Me!!  I don’t you need you to draw me, I AM HERE!”


And that’s how it is with Peace of Mind.  It isn’t something we have to earn or acquire since our true selves are all ready peaceful.

Instead it requires us to help mold, shape and allow it to shine within us, much like a sculptor working away at a master piece,

choosing not to block it with built up worries, but rather to let a radiant center of calm shine through. 


You can keep your worries if you must, but they will find solutions much quicker

if your focus is on inner peace rather than inner turmoil.


Steps that help create peace of mind include being honest with yourself, living according to your inner guidance, being helpful

and kind to others, practicing meditation or yoga, eating only healthful foods, avoiding toxins, maintaining healthy sleep habits,

avoiding negative people and media, surrendering your problems to God (or whomever you pray to), communing with nature,

simplifying your life, and saying no when you need to.


Make peacefulness your highest priority and happiness is sure to follow.



“My mind is now peaceful, and I know that all of my needs are automatically taken care of.  My life and my mind

are now full of peace.  All is well.”


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**Today’s Fairie message came from the Doreen Virtue, Ph.D, Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards.**

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