Trouble Making Decisions?


Decisions are a part of our daily lives but can sometimes get caught up in procrastination, over thinking, or

those moments in life when you’ve so much on your plate everything shifts into overload.


If you’re having trouble making decisions or deciding what “The Next Indicated Step” is,

try asking yourself  one or all of these questions:


“What will bring me closer to my Divine Purpose?” 

“What brings me closer to my realistic Goals?” 

“What is the healthiest choice for me?” 

“What will bring long term gratification rather than a quick fix?”


Quiet your mind and take a deep cleansing breathe.  

Step into patience while focusing on deep cleansing breaths and thinking

or visualizing your world and surroundings as peaceful and full of love. 

Then allow the energy of calm to flow and before you know it, 

your decision or answer will step forward.


Didn’t work the first or second time you tried it?

Patience while you teach your mind a new & calming skill.

Have Questions that need answers? Need help with decisions or learning to find your center of calm? 

You can find me HERE and HERE

You can also contact me through Facebook or email me at

to inquire about private readings, specials and payments via paypal.


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