Saturn Retrograde & Turtle. What Does it Mean? …

With Saturn sitting proudly in it’s beginning phase of a long retrograde (until June 12), it’s almost beaming at us.

Gloating, “What do you think you’ll be able to avoid working on for THAT long?” 


Saturn is about our boundaries, disciplines, duty, responsibilities, and obligations.

It’s like our ‘wake up call’ planet.  Saturn in Retrograde means it slows our lives down long enough that we

have to look at anything we may have avoided.


While many may see the association of Saturn with restriction and limitation, it’s good to look

past what may seem, or even feel depressing, and understand that Saturn brings structure and a deeper awareness

of responsibility in to our world.  It helps us define where we’re going and how we’re getting there.  It makes us understand

the need for self-control and healthy boundaries, thus the importance of it’s restriction and limitations.


Combine the awareness of Saturn’s turn to retrograde with today’s Fairie Card and we have a deep investment in

the structure and building of a healthy perimeter around SELF.  This means taking time to look at YOU and

become (or expand) the healthy, happy you that’s inside wanting to be explored!

Today’s message came from Mother Earth & the Fairies, pulling the Medicine Card, “Turtle.”


Turtle teaches through habits and patterns.  If something is bothering you or you see a repeated pattern in your

life, it’s time to stop and find out why.  (Especially with Saturn in retrograde!)


In Native American teachings, the Turtle is the oldest symbol for the planet Earth.  It’s energy is of the Mother and

goddess,  asking us to be aware of that from which our life evolves.  To nurture and find completion. 

To have balance with the cycle of give and take in daily interactions and with all others, as well as the planet Earth.


Turtle is about honoring the creative source within you while being grounded to the Earth.  To look at your place in life and

observe it with motherly compassion, not judgment as you make corrections.  Turtle encourages you to connect with the power of Earth and the Mother Goddess within.  This, simply put, means it is a time to begin looking seriously within self and deepen your

awareness while nurturing with the gentleness and unconditional love of mother energy. 


Look at what needs to be accomplished in the upcoming months of your life. 

Know that you are up to the challenge!

Believe in You as I do!


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