Divine Timing. Do You Know What it Means?

Today’s Fairie Message is about Divine Timing.


If you’ve ever had a reading, talked to a spiritualist or truly wise counsel, at some point or another, someone has told you to be patient and allow for “Divine Timing.”


Divine Timing is often a signal that your prayers, manifestation, hopes, wishes or desires are in the process of coming to fruition, but one must be patient while all the pieces of the particular life puzzle fit together.  You can’t force a square peg through a round hole and you can’t force something to happen before it’s ready.  If you try to manipulate or maneuver an outcome to happen in *your time lines* because you’re impatient and *want it NOW* rather than waiting for Divine Timing to unfold, you can upset the organic flow of  energy and actually prevent the outcome from happening as it should or drastically delay it.


Divine Timing means that everything needs to fall in place organically (like fitting the pieces of a puzzle together) before it can work out.  Trying to  force it to fit to *your specifications* can  hinder the outcome and throw the situation off balance, preventing a solid foundation from developing.


Instead of trying to force doors that appear closed to open, change your focus to those doors that are open to you  so that you are feeding into a positive energy rather than a negative.  This not only will make you feel better, but it  allows Diving Timing to take place.


Patience while life unfolds with beautiful outcomes and solid foundations for the highest good of all.


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**Todays Fairie Message came from the Healing With The Angels Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue, PH.D.


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