A Dream Reality Check…




When you stay Optimistic, you give your dreams a chance to Come True.

There is also a “Reality Check” important to go along with your dreams.

Are they realistic?  Are they Healthy?  Are they for the Higher Good of your life?


By “Are they realistic” I don’t mean you can’t become a millionaire if you’re on welfare.  I mean, if are you chasing after an empty bucket, something or someone that has proven over and over to not be accessible to you for what ever reason, then perhaps THAT dream is not good for you and it’s time to look at or seek another solution, create new dreams, or let go of a dead end dream and take time to heal. 


If you are stuck with a chronic focus in worrisome ways on a dream, you can push it away rather than draw it close.  When you are “Waiting” for something to happen and all your focus is on “Waiting” you create the energy of “Waiting” … and there you have it!  Everything is stuck in “Waiting” mode.  The exact opposite of what you’re wanting!


Never give up on your dreams, but DO make sure your dreams aren’t harmful for the highest good of self and be sure that your focus is in the right place, armed with the right intentions to be of highest good and best assistance to you.


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