♫Love, Love, Love … It’s Not Love & Hate …♫


I’ve been trying to decide what my next message would be and the Angels decided it for me.  I’ve had the Beatles song, “All You Need is Love” playing in my head for weeks. Since my life has been extremely busy,  I was just a little slow picking up on the obvious theme for the Valentines Fairie message until they began BLARING that song in my sleep and waking me with it. “Love, Love, Love … Love is all you need …

Valentines Day seems to have become a Love-Hate adventure in so many peoples lives.  It’s become an unnecessary emotional war. I feel like the whole point of the day is being missed out on and I’m wondering how such massively smart people have ended up being sheep to the media. 

Do you remember when you were a little kid?  Was Valentines REALLY about having a boyfriend or a girlfriend?  Because if it was I want to smack your teacher or who ever let you believe that!  While the creation of Valentine’s Day was about intimate love, Valentine’s has NEVER been limited to Romantic love and you do NOT need a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a husband, wife, a significant other or same sex partner to make today special. 

Today IS Special because it is about LOVE.  Love.  The Universal language that united the WORLD, Friends, Family and Strangers.

It is this wonderful, happy day about LOVE.  Being Kind.  Giving.  Sharing.  Being Happy. Being at PEACE withint yourself and in the lives of others.

Don’t make it about having somebody love you, it’s about how you can SHOW YOUR LOVE.  Stop trying to count who’s giving Valentines to You and get out there and GIVE. 

Give Joy, Give Happiness, Give LOVE. 

Share with a stranger (simply by smiling and saying “Have a Happy Day!”), share with your friends, family and someone you’ve been holding a grudge against.  Let today be Little Kid FUN. 

It’s an awesome day and ONLY limited by your self pity, if that’s what you’re choosing.  Today is all about what you’ve chosen to do with your brain for the entire length of the day.  Are you going to be Happy and enjoy the day for everything fun and special there is,  or are you going to pull the covers over your head and have a little pity party?  The choice is yours!

Truly, if you have to choose between self pity and having fun, ‘what ya gonna choose?’

If you look at Valentines with *Healthy Eyes* rather than sheep-like, media tainted eyes, you will see that Valentines is truly a selfless day to appreciate LOVE.  You don’t have to spend a cent to take a little extra time and tell someone “I Love You” “Thank You”  “You’re Awesome” “Happy Valentines Day”  Ride the Love Wave rather than drown yourself in sorrow over what you feel is missing in your life. 

Today is about FUN and all the ways you can create fun in it!

There are so many layers and levels of Love and life is not ALL about Romantic Love.  Don’t limit the ways and opportunity’s you have to enjoy today and please, above all, don’t limit the spreading and sharing of LOVE.  Make it an EVERYDAY thing, not just a Valentines Day thing.

Pick up some cupcakes and hand them out to friends ~ or just let them know you think they’re awesome!

Have a fun filled day today.  Simply because it’s your choice and you can!
Happy Valentines Day!!

♫ Love, Love, Love …

If you’re stuck and can’t get out of your rut (or if you just have questions that need answers), you can reach me HERE and HERE.  Message me on Facebook or at fairiemoonchild@gamil.com to inquire about private readings and specials.

Today’s Valentine Specials can be found HERE and HERE or email fairiemoonchild@gmail.com to inquire about private Valentine Day Specials.


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