Desire vrs Happiness … Do You Know the Difference?


When you Desire something, is your Joy based upon that desire?

Is your belief of happiness based on the things you think you need that will make you happy?

Does getting what you desire rule your sense of well being and inner contentment?


“I’d be happy if …. ”  “I’ll be happy when …. “


Once you get what you desire, your focus is once more switched and on to the next object it desires that will theoretically make it happy.  If what you desire is taken away, then you can become sad or even miserable, losing your balance and inner peace, feeling depressed until the next *fix* comes along.


Desires are not a good measurement for happiness, joy or feeling content.

Desires bring momentary joy but should never be responsible for building your foundation of happiness, for what is given can be easily taken away and happiness deserves a much greater foundation. 


Happiness deserves a foundation built upon itself, dependent only upon itself.


Happiness begins within you.

No objects.

No other person.

No desires.

Only a self made inner peace built on self love, confidence and being in love with life.


It is strictly an inside job.  Anything else is only a temporary illusion that will disappear should the illusion ever fails or disappoint you.


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