How Do You React?


When the conditions in your life aren’t favorable to get what you want, how do you react?

Are you calm and patient, grounding yourself within the center and light of love?

Do you go with the flow, or do you have a little hissy fit, stomp your foot and create a bit of drama to ‘punish’

whatever or whomever didn’t give you your way?


When you don’t get your way about something it simply means it’s important to keep your mind open, not take it personal,

and accept that conditions may not be favorable at this point in time for your higher good and healing that may need to happen.  


Respect the boundaries set before you. 

After all, if you want others to respect your boundaries, you need to respect theirs!


Allow yourself to discover other options and/or look within yourself to clear out any energy or behavior you have that may be blocking your way.

When you release and choose to stop dwelling on feelings of negativity, drama, anger, fear or rejection you allow the positive energy of your higher self to work for you in loving ways.


You have many options and many choices when what you want doesn’t come to fruition.  Options can include waiting, discovering and learning to understand why conditions aren’t favorable at this point in time,  being patient while you grow and other (or even better) options become available, or remaining in your current situation while developing a positive attitude about it. 


You are in control of your choices and options, you have free will at all times. 


Learning to choose for your higher good makes your heart glow. 

Happiness, after all, is your divine right.


Choosing patience, kindness and understanding while you wait for favorable conditions

allows your energy to prosper with all that is positive in life. 


If what you want isn’t available right now, at this very moment, it never means

all is lost.  It only means the timing may not be right or the situation may not be a good fit for you at this point in time.


Following the energy of patience while your life unfolds will always lead you to happiness, if you allow it.

Not getting what you want doesn’t have to be a negative in your life.

The choices are always yours.



Are the conditions for what you want in life favorable?

If you find yourself needing help understanding a situation in your life, you can reach me HERE and HERE.


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