Your Body Needs It!


Get some Exercise!

It will make a world of difference in your attitude!


It’s important to remember to exercise BOTH your body and your mind.

Your body needs the physical play and exercise in order to become stronger and

assist your energy level, health and happiness. 


Cardiovascular and muscle stimulation are primary facilitators to a happy healthy brain

and we all know a happy, healthy brain motivates a happy, healthy life.  When you make

time to exercise your mood levels will shift in positive ways and patience will be easier.


Yoga, dance, tai chi, take a walk, garden, hit the gym, ride a bike.   As little as a twenty

minute walk will improve your day in quality ways!


Take time to make time for you.  You’re so worth the effort, even when you don’t know it!


Stuck on a life problem or situation?  You can reach me HERE or HERE.

You can also message me on Facebook or to inquire about private readings & specials.


If you want to be happy, it’s important to think happy thoughts and do happy things.  It’s really that simple!

Most of all, it’s important to make healthy decisions that will help you get there and STAY there!



**Today’s Fairies Card was pulled from the Doreen Virtue Ph.DO oracle deck


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