Calm Beginnings …



Begin your day in beautiful ways.

Breathe deep, cleansing breathes upon awakening.

(or as you’re reading this)

Six deep, cleaning breathes.  Eyes closed, breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth.


Think positive thoughts, stepping away from any worries or fears you may have.

Choose that you will be happy today.

Take a break mid day and repeat your morning routine.

Six deep, cleaning breathes.  Eyes closed and breath, in through the nose, out through the mouth.

Stretch, rotate your shoulders, your neck, side bend in each direction, stretch your thighs, your calves, your upper body.




Choose to be happy today because it is the most awesome thing you can do.

Choose to take the time, action and steps needed to make your day better.


Happiness will make your work happen quicker and more efficiently.

Happiness and Positive Thinking will make your day flow with harmony.

Are you frustrated with work?  A school assignment?  Your spouse or lover?

Ask questions in calm and honest ways so you can get the help, communication or understanding you need.


Life isn’t supposed to be hard, even when or if we are going through difficult or frustrating moments.

Life doesn’t have to be full of angst, anxiety or anger.  Honestly.  I promise you that.


Learning to adjust your attitude, think positive and live in the energy of happiness are the three most powerful ingredients you can fill your day and your life with.  Everything else will fall in place, almost like magic.


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