Need a Thinking Map?


Are you open to New Opportunities coming your way,

Or holding on to the past so tightly they don’t take root and stay?


Do you allow yourself to hear new ideas that may at first be foreign to your ears,

Or close your mind and put up walls so positive new news has no place to fall?


Do you speak the positive but think the negative and then wonder why

Your dreams don’t see the fruition of goals your heart wants to try?


You say happy but feel sad and life is incomplete?

There is an easy answer, truly there is, and you won’t have to accept defeat.


It’s all about being positive and not rejecting the new.

At first it may seem difficult, but in time you’ll open to a much wider view.


Don’t give up, never give in, don’t stop to despair.

Keep going forward with a big smile,

for sooner than you know

you’ll be so much more aware!



If you’re feeling a bit stuck or need a few answers to make your day complete you can

find me HERE and HERE.


I can also be reached on Facebook or at for private readings,

rates and specials for those that are not comfortable with the dial in phone service above.


TODAY’S SPECIAL’S can be found HERE and HERE.


Email Readings can be found HERE and HERE.

Chat Readings can be found HERE.


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