Today’s Fairie Message is about Healing.


Healing begins to happen the very minute you decide you need to do something positive about whatever is causing any degree of stress, angst, anger, anxiety, resentment, jealousy, control issues or any unhappiness that is clogging up the arteries of your life.   Whether it’s a personal dissatisfaction within yourself, about your relationship with a spouse, significant other, friends and family or residing in your house of careers and financial managment, choosing to heal opens the doors of your life to greater levels of happiness, inner peace and the successful energy of abundance.


The path to inner peace and healing only fail when you stop applying the time and energy toward that goal.  The problems didn’t get there over night, so doesn’t it make sense that you’ll need to be patient while you develop a new attitude about life?  Have patience while learning to walk the path of happiness and healing.  Take the time to discover your own sense of inner peace.  I promise you, you’re worth it and you won’t regret it once you do!


Healing begins when you choose to soften your heart, discover and deal with your hurts and focus on loving yourself instead of resenting others.  Releasing, forgiving and allowing yourself to find the keys to *Your Doors* of happiness will always move you past the feeling of being stuck and carrying the burden of old issues.


What is it you need to heal?  Do you know what steps you should take to begin the process? Do you have what it takes to help others or yourself heal?


Should you have questions in need of answers or be feeling lost, confused or in need of some direction

 with old issues you would like to understand or release, you can reach me HERE and HERE.


Today’s Special can be found HERE or HERE.


You are also Welcome to message me on Facebook or email me at fairiemoonchild@gmail.com for rates and specials

if you’re wanting private reading outside of a dial-in-service.


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