Divine Abundance …




When you accept, love and heal any leftover worries or issues within your inner child and develop a strong sense of love and self acceptance, you open the doors of your life to Divine Abundance.


What exactly is Divine Abundance?


Divine abundance means what you need will be there when you need it.  Through faith all doors open to divine abundance.  The support you need,

the friends you need, the love you need, the cash you need.  By having faith, understanding that you deserve all that is good in the world, and keeping a positive thought process, you can open many doors of Divine Abundance in your life.


Does that mean you’ll wake up tomorrow and your bank account will mysteriously be full of a million dollars?  Well, no.  Not unless you’ve answered some spam mail from Nigeria and are about to be taken for all you have.


Divine Abundance simply means having faith and putting your time, energy, visualization and belief system into that faith rather than investing the same amount of time and energy into worry, negativity or fear of the have nots or woes me.


It takes practice and consistency on your part.  It happens in layers and levels as you grow.  It requires patience of self while you’re learning.


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