Monday and Mother Earth …


Feeling the Monday bog down while Mother Earth is preparing to launch Spring Fever into our lives?

Two quick and easy steps to help get your mind back on track while dealing with the overload of Monday work tossed your way.


1) Close your eyes, sit up straight, relax your shoulders and take six deep cleansing breaths.

    Breath in through the nose, out through the mouth.  Oxygenate your body, relax your mind.

    While breathing in and out, picture a sunny meadow, a swimming pool, lake, or the ocean, a garden full of flowers.


2) If you can take a break, take a short walk.  Five minutes away from your location, five minutes back.  (longer if possible)

    Just being outside will help shift your energy and attitude so you can give more to the job you need to concentrate on.

    While you might hesitate to step away (because your brain is on overload & you’ve so much to do), stepping away will actually

    help you become more productive in your day. 


Can’t step away from the office or leave the work floor?  Easy.  Take a quick bathroom break, repeat the six breaths and included it with stretching.  When our bodies get stuck, stressed or on overload, they need more oxygen.  

Deep breathing, stretching, and walking all help to oxygenate our internal and external organs


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