Got Moods?


Are you moody or often have a emotional marathon with moodiness?

Bad moods don’t need to turn into bad attitudes!


While it’s important to honor your feelings, as well as your moods swings, it’s also important to learn how to not let them ruin or control your day in negative ways.  We all have bad moods now and then.  What’s important is to not let your bad mood become an attitude that hurts or does harm to yourself or others.  Feeling bad (or even angry) never gives anyone permission to say hurtful, harsh, or ugly things to or about anyone else.  That’s when a bad mood turns into Bad Taste!


Acknowledge the mood, then seek solutions to help the mood pass.  Get involved in doing a creative project, go to the gym or take a walk to help blow off steam,  journal or write about your mood following it up with a list of ten things you can do to be in a better mood, resolve the bad mood, or become happy in realistic ‘positive solution seeking’ ways.


Bad moods happen.  Bad attitudes are created by dwelling on your bad mood.  Don’t create a pocket of negativity in your life when you can be feeling so much better, soon!  Discover your feelings without fear or judgment and learn to not let a bad mood take over.  Having a bad mood doesn’t mean you need to dwell on that mood.  It’s possible if you allow it.  After all, you are in charge of your brain!


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