Perfect Timing


Does life feel like it’s spinning out from underneath you?  Time seems to be passing by so very fast?


With all of the changing and evolving energy on our planet, it would be easy to feel overwhelmed, UNLESS you remember to take quiet time for Yourself now and then.  It is your value of self and self love that will see you through to the next indicated steps in your life.


There are HUGE astrological shifts coming in this next week while Mercury is currently in Retrograde (an excellent time for self examination and touching on the opportunity for inner healing and feelings.)


On April 4, Neptune enters it’s sign, Pisces, for the first time in 165 years!   The energy available to you will be one allowing dreams, visions and healing.  This energy can be very strong, maybe even a little over whelming, for some.  Take baby steps while you feel the energy of life swirl around you.  Relax and allow your focus to create, dream and BELIEVE in all your heartfelt hopes.


Today’s Fairie Card was “Perfect Timing” ~ and how perfect it is!  A Divine time for healing, manifesting, letting go of old, worn out issues that have only burdened your soul, and allowing yourself to penetrate the weightlessness of pure and radiant LOVE.


Now is a great time to focus on what needs to be done, allowing your desires to be fulfilled.


Are you a part of your solution or a part of your problem? 


If you’re not sure, you can find me for help HERE and HERE.


Today’s Specials can be found HERE, HERE and HERE.


I am also available for Private Readings for those uncomfortable with the dial-in-phone systems.

You’re always welcome to contact me through Facebook or email me at for inquires on prices & specials.


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