Sometimes it’s easy to blame others for your unhappiness, why your life isn’t successful, or your mistakes.

Sometimes it’s because those are the examples that were set before you while you were growing up.

Sometimes it’s because you’ve taken the manipulator shortcut in life, simply because you’ve gotten away with it.


Now it’s time for it to be *Deal Over* time.

Now it’s time to *Take Responsibility for Yourself.* 

If you truly want to be happy, successful, or have better relationships, there’s no other shortcut or way around it.

You can’t blame your neighbors, your family or people that don’t like you.

When you drop the excuses you create an all new energy to provide an all new positive outcome.

Take the time to Learn & Grow. 


You’re never too old. 

You’re never to young. 


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**Today’s Fairie Message is an adaptation from the Tavis Smiley Empowerment Cards.


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