Change Your Energy, Change Your Life ~ May 25th 7PM PST


Tired of feeling stuck, depressed and wearing that anxious, unhappy feeling rather than carrying confidence & happiness in your heart?

Tired of doubting everything you do, thinking if it wasn’t for bad luck, you’d have no luck at all, or feeling like you’re getting no where? 

Tired of wondering why you always have relationship problems and things never seem to work out? 

Join us May 25th at 7pm PST for a 40 minute (or longer, if needed) teleconference and CHOOSE to change the outlook of your summer!


Learn what it is you do in your every day thinking and activities that keeps you stuck in a bad luck, get no where pattern.

Learn why happiness always seems to elude you or never lasts and what you can do about it.

Learn HOW to begin changing your life in Positive Ways!


Change Your Energy, Change Your Life.

The First Step in Creating Positive Change.


After you have registered, please email 3 questions you have about your life to me a minimum of two hours before the conference call.

(If you can’t think of any questions, that’s ok ~ but I know many of you have them!)

Be prepared to take notes and, of course, ask questions during the Conference session.


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