Are You Co-Dependent, Empath or Both?


Are you Co-Dependent, Empath, or Both?
How it affects you and your relationships.
~*The good, the bad & the ugly.*~
~The Positive & Negative sides that hold you back and what you can do about it.~

WHEN: Sunday June 5th, 2011
 TIME: [7PM PT], [8PM MT], [9PM CT], [10PM ET]
WHERE: Click THIS LINK to be taken to registration and sign up or go to the link below.
Tele-Conference Class Cost: $60 – 1 Hr. Tele-Conference Session
(This class may go longer, depending on the number of questions asked & participation)

  • *Are you a sensitive soul, try hard to understand everyone’s feelings, but often feel like they don’t understand yours?
  • *Do your feelings often get hurt?
  • *Are you wondering WHY you don’t have a relationship or why your relationships never last?
  • *Do you feel like you’d be happy “IF …”?
  • *Do your dreams feel very real?
  • *Do you feel anxiety or depression over relationships? If they’d just do what you tell them to, everything would be ok?
  • *Do you struggle telling the people in your life, “no!”?
  • *Can you tell when your friends or partners are sad or in a bad mood before you talk to them? Do you feel like you are responsible for their feelings or need to help them, fix them, or make them feel better?
  • *Do you go out of your way to please or help others, but not do the same for yourself?
  • *Can you sense when people are in danger or need help?
  • *Do you feel almost compelled to help a person who is in trouble out with their problems?
  • *Do you worry about the people you care about shutting you out or not talking to you?
  • *Is relationship communication difficult for you, often misunderstood or ends with you feeling defensive?
  • *Are your relationship expectations leaving you dissatisfied?
  • *Do you feel you always need to be in charge or have to do the job yourself if you want it done right?
  • *Are you giving more than you are receiving?
  • *Do you give mixed messages or feel you are get mixed messages?
  • *Does your significant other drink or party too much or do you?
  • *Do you find it difficult to watch the news or be around negative people?

If any of the above questions hit home, this will be a good tele-class for you.     

Now, in the Eclipse Energy, is a great time to bring an end to any old relationship habits or behaviors that do not serve your higher good,and encourage the positive behaviors that will help you flow with harmony,in loving & healthy relationships.

I’ve been guiding, counseling, coaching & giving clairvoyant, psychic & empathic input to my International Clientele’s lives for 25 years.
During this time, I’ve also observed the pit falls and where clients get stuck, self sabotage, block their own happiness and hurt themselves, their relationships or potential relationships, or hold on to a dead end relationship way past it’s expiration date.

(I also work extensively with many social workers, nurses, doctors & practicing, licensed therapists & psychologists who can answer YES to all of the questions above and have worked with me on these areas in their lives, enriching their practices and personal lives.)

This is just the beginning, to help anyone stuck step into awareness and open ‘their emotional doors.’ It will give the opportunity to change any bad habits, encourage the good, and to participate in life in meaningful, happy, loving and fear-free ways.

Everyone deserves to be happy & anxiety free ~ Especially YOU.

During this powerful Eclipse Energy, it’s a GREAT time to begin your healing process and learn how to put your focus back on the right track!

Conference Session Information
Subject: Are You Co-Dependent, Empath Or Both? How it affects you & your relationships.

Advisor: Fairie Moon Child Conference ID: 11691

Date & Time: June 05, 2011 From: 7:00 PM PST To: 8:00 PM PST

Price: $60 [New Click4Advisor User? Register Here!] [Existing Click4Advisor User? Register Here!]


Detailed explanations, breaking the barriers, definitions and meanings of co-dependency & being empath. Find YOUR answers. Are you or are you not?

Helping you understand how either or both may be a part of your life in positive and negative ways.

Giving you solutions that will help you grow out of problem or negative areas and begin stepping into positive results .

Steps you can take to overcome issues and become an asset in achieving your relationship & career goals while stepping away from self sabotage, emotional drama, insecurity & over thinking.

Please submit at least 3 questions two hours prior to Conference Session
Questions will also be able to asked during the Session


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