Are You Ready to Get SERIOUS About Your Goals, Your Life & Your Relationships?

I designed this workshop because I found many of my clients were either over thinking, under thinking or not truly placing their real intentions and visions boards out there, aligned with their TRUE desires. I discovered they were in their own way, sometimes afraid to ask for what they REALLY wanted to manifest.  I also have found my clients positive and negative truths and fears to block their desires. 


Please join us in aligning your intentions and visions with your TRUE self, thoughts, dreams, desires and wishes. Learn to not let fears block your desires and to open yourself to manifesting what you really want.


I have created TWO WORKSHOP DATES and TIMES:


June 15th at 7pm PT  REGISTER HERE 


June 16th at 2pm PT  REGISTER HERE

This is a time where Balance and Hope (Gemini & Sagittarius) affect the emotional aspects of the Lunar Eclipse. It is a time for building your thoughts, goals and dreams into the opportunities you would like to manifest.

This will be a participation required session to help you direct YOUR energy specifically on what you WANT to manifest, shape the wording, vision and direction of your manifestation for your best possible outcome.

It’s an opportunity to learn manifestation, personalized to help you get out of your own way, while creating a SOLID Vision board & Intention Statement.

Learn. Grow. Manifest & Love Your Life.

There will be an introduction lecture, then I will work with you as a group and as individuals both explaining the hows, whys, do’s & don’ts during the entire time.

A list of Intentions YOU want to manifest (can be as many as you want), mailed to me not less than 4 hours before class. (parts or all of your list may be shared, anonymously, out loud in class to show how best to word it or as a positive example, or ways to use what you’ve written to inspire greater or quicker manifestation.)

We will work as a group, I will answer questions, give positive & productive information while giving guidance on manifestation and how to make it work for you, personally!

Please be at your computer, logged into the click conference system and checked into the chat area, prepared to participate, ask questions and give feedback.

(class length may vary or change depending on the number of participants)


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