To All The Fathers Listening …


A Father’s Love isn’t always an easy task.

A Father’s Love comes with Great Responsibility.


A Father’s Love sets a road map for his daughter, as she journeys toward her life’s love.

A Father’s Love sets a place marker for his son, on how to treat a woman and raise his family.

A Father’s Love builds the strength in family, as he provides and guides along the way.

A Father’s Love nourishes the mother of his children as they build a house of unity, joy & laughter.


A Father’s Love smiles when he sees the house of love his heart has built.


And so Dear Fathers, build your house wisely.

Treat your children with the same love and respect you would want to be treated,

Love your wife with encouragement & compassion and never underestimate the importance of a Father’s Love.


Build your house of Love, first within, for it is your self value that will teach the greatest lessons of love,

then expand that treasured love outward, as you move forward in life and support the lives around you. 

With a foundation of Love you will always be a treasured one: 

A Father who’s family runs home to share their day… in the house he built with Love.


Happy Treasured, Father’s Day to all new and seasoned Dad’s! 


With Love,


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