The Balancing Act … Do You Have Yours?


Recently one of my oldest and dearest friends lost her mother and came to spend the weekend with me.


While she was here, I asked if she wanted to pick the theme for one of my Fairie Messages, would she like to draw a card from any of the Angel and Fairie decks?  With the impish delight of the elemental realm, she bubbled over with giggles and anticipation, squeezing her eyes shut with extra gusto as she drew her card.  Instead of just one card, two dropped out of the deck (Amy Brown, Faery Wisdom Deck) giving her more to look at in life.


Her two cards were, ‘The Balancing Act’ and ‘Caffeine Overload.’ 


The outer world, obvious sign, in the off balance tremors losing a parent or loved one can bring made immediate sense, but as I talked further with my beloved friend, so much more was uncovered that made these two cards more than just a casual coincidence.


For today’s message, I’ll address ‘The Balancing Act’ and the next message will be about ‘Caffeine Overload.’


First one must ask themselves, “Is my life in balance?” “Really???”


It’s a daily feat for some of us, forever and always, something we work on and strive for. It’s like eating healthy and getting to the gym, a balancing act of discipline.  For others there may be a lack of belief in oneself or one’s own potential, or scattered excuses created by denial with reflections of avoidance. When we avoid balance, or at least attempts at keeping balance, it is ourselves we hurt the most, even to the point of causing illness or careless accidents.


While the moon in Leo sends it’s new beginnings energy to us, take a look at what you have put on your plate.  Are you overworking, underworking, procrastinating, or maintaining the balance needed to hold yourself in harmony and out of stress’s way?  It’s important to always strive for balance between work time and play time, neglecting neither, keeping your body’s emotional, physical and spiritual needs in a healthy and happy flow. 


Take time to weed out people, places and things that no longer work for you in constructive, supportive and positive ways.  Negativity, criticism, energy vampires, manipulation, controlling or feeling controlled are all signs of the need for distance and becoming intune with your higher self, putting balance back in charge of empowering your life.  In turn, also make sure you are not putting out a negative production of energy or dependency from yourself to others. This will create a vacuum of toxicity in your life, ultimately leading to unhappiness and lack of self confidence rather than the goal of harmony & bliss.


Take a quick scan of your life.  Are your finances in balance, do you have your financial priorities straight, are you working on them?  Do the people in your life bring honesty, happiness and loving support to your life table? Do you give this support back in just as loving of ways?  Have you filled your day and your life with positive actions or experienced a negative overload you need to release and cleanse out?


The Balancing Act is a daily part of our lives.  Just like it is our job to maintain a proper sense of self love and happiness in our life, it is also our job to make certain the scales of balance never tip too far one way or the other.  Each shift allows us to grow and learn important life lessons while bringing our lives back to center.


Seek harmony and happiness through the blessings of learning to maintain ‘The Balancing Act.’  It is important to take care and neither neglect nor over indulge any one area of your work, play, family & love, spiritual or physical lives.  Building unity within self creates an energy of balance while opening the doors of success & good health in all areas of your life.


Be kind to you.  Believe in your highest potential, neither setting your limits too low nor using another to get where you want to go.  You are totally capable of achieving your highest dreams! 


Dream big, dream often, and dream with the empowered love of balance.


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