Heaven or Hell, You Decide …

Each day your life will present you with Choices.
You may not realize it, but you are the master of your life.
Each decision you make is a choice that presents an outcome in your life.
Whether you get up and go to work or school, or whether you stay home and play hooky and the consequences of those actions.
Whether you are faithful in your relationships or choose to violate the bonds of trust with dishonesty.
Whether you value yourself, live in denial, allow yourself to be manipulated and controlled by others, throwing away your power or …
Whether you are the anger box or controller, living in fear like a small child afraid of not getting their way, folded around denial while manipulating and controlling the outcomes of others and yourself.  Doing this, one never knows what true bliss and happiness will be for more than a fleeting moment at a time.  Everyone deserves bliss every day, all day.
Your choices bring life lessons, good and bad.
Sometimes, in life, hard lessons have to be experienced until you learn to not make harmful choices any longer.
It’s important to not beat yourself up while experiencing life.  Rather than self flagellation, embrace yourself with kindness.
While you rush about your day, ushering children between soccer practice, swimming, and ballet lessons, running to appointments in-between the office
and lunch, wondering if you can fit in a game of golf or get to the gym, know that each choice you make sets a platform of which life lesson you are about to learn.
Ask yourself …
Am I being honest … or why did I just exaggerate and lie about that?
Can I be honest … what am I trying to cover up or what am I afraid of losing if I am honest?
Why am I afraid?
Am I taking loving care of myself so I might take healthy care of those in my life?
If not, why not?
What am I avoiding?  Is it me?
Honesty is the Key to Self Love.
Self Love is the Key to Empowering Your Life.
Empowering your Life is the Key to Happiness, Bliss, Success and lasting Love.
As long as one lies to themselves (denial) their greatest potential is blocked by themselves.
They may manage to be successful for a while, but sooner or later, life will bring them down.
Each day you make choices that affect your life.
Make your choices wisely and with thoughtfulness.
They matter.
You matter.
You are in charge. 
Would you like to surround your days with happiness and feel like you are walking in heaven on earth,
or would you like to have drama, turmoil and stress weigh you down until you feel like you can’t get up?
Take time to empower and develop a true and deep sense of self love, then watch all you’ve ever dreamed of unfold around you.
Empowering you starts with making one wise choice a day.  Baby steps. You don’t have to do it all at once, you just have to take the first step.
Need help or answers?  You can find me HERE and HERE or email me at fairiemoonchild@gmail.com for inquires about private readings.
There is always hope and always a solution.  Life becomes easier when you face yourself and learn how to do the footwork.
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