Do You Teach Your Children to Lie?


If you teach your children to lie, through your actions & behaviors or ask them to lie for you,
you scar their souls & harm the innocence they have a right to.

Love your children with truth & compassion, healthy communication, and set an example ‘your higher self’ can be proud of.

Be the parent of ‘Healthy Examples’ who’s actions glow with positive parenting and patience.
Don’t cop out and make excuses for your own bad behavior.
Own it.
Forgive it.
Then give yourself a HUGE Hug as you learn to Love You.
Parenting isn’t for sissy’s! Without a foundation of Self Love you may feel like you’ve ended up in a train wreck!
Through Self Love (or learning Self Love) you are better able to parent and set healthy examples,
as well as feel good about You and the choices you’ve made.

It all begins within you.

Are your examples something you can be proud of, or have you been sweeping a lot under the carpet?

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