Do You Know Your Truth?


Take time, in your Journey of Life and growth, to learn your inner truth.

Then allow yourself to learn to speak your truth with kindness, an open heart & willing ears rather than fear or rejection.

Love will always follow.


When one shuts friends and family out of their life or avoids truthful communication in an attempt to control a situation, it’s important to ask,

“Am I speaking my truth or am I trying to get my way and force people to see and do as I want?”


“What is my truth?”


“Are my actions coming from an honest place or a controlling space?”

“Am I hiding the truth, hiding from my truth, or trying to make any situation look better or worse than it may actually be?”

“Why am I angry or frustrated? Why do I feel the need to shut people out or push them away & avoid a verbal conversation?”

“Why do I feel I have to have ‘my way’ on this? Why can’t I openly & honestly talk about it?”

“Why do I feel I’m not being heard?” “Why am I not setting healthy boundaries or ignoring I have boundaries?”

“Why did I freeze up rather than communicate?”

“Am I manipulating to get my way or allowing myself to be manipulated?”

“Am I avoiding people or situations because they won’t agree with me or I’m afraid they won’t understand?”

“Why won’t they agree with me?”

“Is it possible I am wrong?”

 “Is it possible they are wrong?” “Is it possible no one is understanding anyone?”

“Why can’t I come from a place of calm and love?”

“Why do I assume things are true when perhaps they are not?”

“Am I authentic or pretending everything is ok?”

“Why am I being so stubborn?”


“What am I afraid of?”


“Why do I push people away unless they agree with me?”

“Why am I afraid of love?”

“Why do I have a hard time allowing sincere and loving people to be in my world?”

“Why do I slip away from honesty?”

“Why do I attract or accept people who will lie to me and others?”

“Why do I give my power away by not keeping healthy boundaries?”

“Why don’t I sometimes know the differences between sincere people & manipulators?”

“Why don’t I know what I want?”

“Why do I settle for less than I deserve?”

“Why do I attract abusers?”

“Why do I make others responsible for my feelings?”

“Why am I not taking responsibility for my actions?”

“Why do I expect others to accept my bad behavior or the bad behavior of those around me?”


“Why … ?”


Be patient while you’re learning your answers and your ‘why’s’…  While life is always beautiful, there are moments, in growth, you may find aren’t easy.

Life will challenge you to enable your best.  The choices will be yours.


Truth doesn’t hide, play games, exaggerate, keep secrets, tell lies or have anybody lie for you.

Truth doesn’t use foul language, name calling, manipulation, drama, use, or hurt people to get your own way.

Those are actions of immaturity and fear, not truth nor love. 


Truth listens, love understands.  Truth brings balance.


Truth is reasonable, bold, clear, kind and, while loving, may be hard to hear if the ears of denial are listening for you.

The truth may sting if you don’t want to hear it but the words are guided by kindness, never anger or misplaced issues.


Truth comes from the willingness to be wrong … and admit it.

Truth comes from LOVE and building a body of self love within.


Truth will love you when you feel life hates you, Truth will lift you up when control issues, lies and manipulation

will drain the energy and life out of you, keeping you in a dark basket, closed away from those who love you or those who may want to love you.


Seek Truth.


It brightens your day, frees your heart to openly love life in all healthy ways possible, genuinely laugh and suddenly you will find communication so much easier because you’ve nothing left to hide or hide from.  No dark holes left to protect, leaving room for only the sunshine of life.


Seeking Truth allows loving communication to follow in it’s footsteps, doors open wide and your life begins to attract positive, supportive people and,

healthy examples begin to unfold for those around you.


Rather than marry a lie, seek truth. Your life will begin to open up in beautiful ways when you do.



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**dedicated to all of those having a personal struggle with truth this month … may the joy of healing happen.

      The Artist::

***I’ve used this beautiful image once before, however today I was able to find a source and give the artist, Elvira Amrhein, credit

  as well as show you where you can purchase this beautiful Truth Angel for your own office or home, by going HERE


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