What the Energy Shift Does with Your Worries & Negative Thoughts …


     Are you listening to the quiet voice inside of you or pretending it doesn’t exist?  Quiet your mind (or learn to) so you can listen to the message your internal self and higher self is trying to convey. 
     Is there something you’re avoiding, something that keeps you feeling off balance or feeling bad about yourself?  Anything that you’ve put off doing, feelings of resentment, fear, frustration or anger that need be addressed?  Whether you know it or not, your life is meant to be about joy and what brings you happiness, not turmoil, chaos, drama or dwelling on anything negative.
     The more one holds onto hurtful, negative or fearful thoughts (especially in the current energy) the more one will manifest exactly what they are hurt about or fear, creating more bad experiences, bad luck or negative results.  This is why it is so important for everyone to be aware of what they’re thinking in the back ground of your conversations and the stillness of your thoughts.  Judgment, negativity, sarcasm, doubt, fear of being hurt, old beliefs all keep you from being at one with self & allows your wound to fester, growing rather than letting light in and healing.
     Until you are willing to release old attitudes of defensiveness, judgment and blame it is likely you will remain stuck in the vortex of negativity you hold onto.  Whether you know it or not, you are nurturing the negative within you and allowing it to grow by holding onto hurt feelings or desires for revenge. Until you stop dwelling on the desire to see those whom you feel have slighted, betrayed, or hurt you punished and avenged in some way, it will be difficult for you to awaken and consistently enjoy the serenity and bliss life is made of.
     When you release the negative and embrace the positive your energy will automatically begin to lighten and the heavy burdened feelings will immediately start to lift from you.  Learn to empower your thoughts with the positive rather than hold on to the negative.  Take time to discover how to heal, release, and love life at a deeper level.
     Think “My Life is Blessed by Divine Love and Better, Every Day in Every Way” rather than dwell on the negative you need to let go of!  Release the negative and step into the Positive!  
    Should you need help in shifting your energy, understanding a situation in your life, or beginning the process of empowering yourself, you can reach me HERE or HERE or mail me at fairiemoonchild@gmail.com for private reading information & prices.
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     Email Readings are available HERE and HERE.
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