November’s Emotional Tide …



You may find yourself feeling confused, absent minded or thoughts drifting as we begin November.  Then a shift into a more emotional or introspective time can happen as we move through November, closer to the Solar Eclipse with a New Moon on November 24th 10:10 pm PST (Nov. 25th EST)


The energy of November will give you opportunity to empower yourself and look within for any changes needing to be made to achieve your goals.  You may find the energy, as well as your thoughts, feeling rather intense or even overwhelming.  As we move through the month this will make meditation, eating healthy, exercising, and making time for purposeful rest & relaxation important. (Remember to take your vitamins!)


Focus on your intentions and completing tasks as this is the perfect time to create new beginnings and fresh starts, manifesting what your dreams are made of.  Especially remember to tune up your vision board and write out your intentions or revised intentions  before the November 24th New Moon/Solar Eclipse.  This is a good time for discovering your *Inner Truth,* reviewing where you’ve been, the direction you’re going, and creating the next chapter of your life while the energy and Mother Earth call for peaceful solutions, action and change. 


Any old issues or denials lingering in the background of your mind may bring out behaviors you haven’t experienced in a while.  Feelings of insecurity, negativity, or undefined frustrations regarding past area’s of life you thought you had dealt with can resurface, allowing you to look at them from another perspective.  Rather than beat yourself up thinking “I’ve all ready dealt with this!” or “I was doing better!” look at it as an important time to nurture yourself, evolve and readdress old issues at a higher level of awareness and elevated growth.  Allow your energy to move toward calm solutions rather than panic or complacency. 


Most of all, remember to embrace patience while you’re growing and evolving each day into the beautiful energy your soul was created with.  Make time to nurture you!


Should you have questions or find yourself needing guidance you can reach me 
HERE and HERE or email me at for information on private readings through a non 800 dial in service.








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