Today’s Choice …



For today, allow yourself to be open and receive the divine energy of all the wonderful possibilities and goodness available for you in your life.

Choose to be Happy. 

Choose to be kind in all your communications.

Take time to rest & nurture yourself.

Step mentally away from any stressors.  

Rather than having a resenting thought because you feel you don’t have time, visualize yourself (in your minds eye) with the time you’d like and place it in a visual bubble of love surrounded by rose pink light.  

When one focuses their thoughts and dwells on what they don’t want, they unconsciously create energy manifesting what they truly don’t want, building on stress rather than releasing it.  This is why it’s so important to learn to not dwell on hurts and disappointments, but to turn your thoughts to how you’d like things to be, solution and recovery from all old issues and hurts.

Even five minutes of quiet time or meditation will help lighten the density of your energy.  Focusing on higher energy, positive thoughts, goals and dreams, stepping outside of ego, personality and letting go of any negative thoughts will always help create a day that makes your heart smile.

Raise your energy to the light of Universal energy. Breathe deep and feel the relaxation process begin.


Should you feel stuck, have questions, or need help understanding how to let go or deal with a part of your life, you can find me with Today’s Specials HERE and HERE or email for information about non-800 dial-in readings & consulting at






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