Thanksgiving and Your Truth …


While so many changes are going on in the world, protests across the country, finding your voice, learning your truth and speaking your truth seem to carry the loudest message.  Saying “No!”, whether it be in a spreading movement like #OccupyWallStreet or amongst the members of your family, friends and relatives echoes the loudest.  It show the need for boundaries, balance and respecting one’s truth …  The beginning of the understanding. YOU HAVE A VOICE and IT’S OK TO BE HEARD!  

Next comes the journey of learning about yourself and finding your own inner truth while your voice develops.  Oh, I know, some of you think you all ready know yourselves, after all, you’re YOU!  Some actually may and others will find they’ve only been fooling themselves, waking up one day in this ever changing energy to a huge surprise while discovering they’re not who they thought they were, they don’t feel the way they thought they did, followed by a deep feeling of emptiness and anxiety.  Don’t worry if that’s you.  It just means you’ve hit bottom and are about to begin *your* journey of truth. You can run from it if you choose.  It will always be there when you come back. The truth never leaves us. It’s sits patiently, waiting to be discovered and heard.

Learning ones truth takes time.  It takes a willingness to invest that time in YOU so you might speak your voice in a kind way that others will not only listen to, but hear.  You see, finding your truth isn’t the same as blurting it out in a sarcastic and witty rhythm, expecting everyone to magically respect your truth.  It’s not the same as shouting out to the world “THIS IS WHO I AM, IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT BUG OFF!”  It goes much deeper if you allow it.  It brings a calm, quiet peace of mind. An inner knowing that builds confidence and self esteem rather than erecting walls and feeling angry because you didn’t get your way about this or that.  The end result of finding your truth and learning to speak your voice will allow you a front row seat in a happy and fulfilling life.  Not pretending you have a happy and fulfilling life, REALLY having a happy and fulfilling life! You’ll no longer be watching and wishing you were like someone else.  You may actually discover some of those others you thought you admired are all show and no reality, missing the balance of their own inner truth and just as lost as you or anyone else may have once been.

Finding your truth will happen as you peel away the layers of your fears and insecurities, relentlessly facing them.  Then one day you will find yourself placing them in a biography chapter labeled PAST in your own online Ebook or blog.  Your discovery will become a valuable experience for someone else just beginning their journey.

So, in this shifting and ever changing time of SEEKING TRUTH, step up to the plate and make today about your *true* GRATITUDE.  Not just because it’s Thanksgiving and giving thanks is a tradition, but because you’re taking your life one step further than tradition and choosing to map out a self discovery program for the New Year. Take the gratitude that comes from finding truth with you EVERY DAY.  Make it a part of your life. Forever. The rewards will be far greater than you can imagine!

Happy Thanksgiving to All of You!  Thank You for being such a wonderful part of my life!

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