Today’s Angel Message …


Angel Bridgette sends the message, “Look deeper into the situation before proceeding further …”
This tells us to wait, develop a clear understanding while finding our truth or a solution rather than hasty reactions and risk creating any unnecessary drama.  This allows us to find new insights through objective and wiser eyes.

Is there anything you need to look at while Mercury is in retrograde and the Solar Eclipse energy is still upon us, shifting energy and stirring up old feelings and issues?  Rather than emotionally beat yourself up or worry about why you’re feeling anxious, moody or even a little testy about past situations, KNOW that this is a combination of Mercury Retrograde (slowing you down so you will look) and the November Solar Eclipse showing you what needs a finishing touch to heal and release so you won’t avoid it.

Take time to gather all of your facts, or simply look within and evaluate whether this is your issue or someone else’s issue that you have taken upon yourself.  Before assuming or jumping to conclusions take a deep cleansing breathe.  It’s always important to remember and NOT allow yourself to make another person’s issue YOUR issue.  There is enough in life to deal with without taking on another’s issues.

Be kind and gentle with all involved while you release old feelings and memories.  Let them go with love and gratitude that you are now all the wiser and able to move past them.

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