Are You Listening?


This morning I sat quietly and asked if there was a message for the day.  Quickly and easily the fairies stomped their feet and practically dumped the card “Stand Your Ground” in my lap.  “Stand Your Ground,” simply meaning to be true to yourself.  Be true to how YOU feel and follow the path of what is right for YOU.  Not what someone else thinks you should do or is trying to influence upon you, but what you know in your heart is honest and true!

I could feel the angels nudging each other in discussion.  There were several standing behind me, almost in a huddle and they were wanting to be heard as well.  They definitely had a plan, only I got the feeling their plan was to include me, not just give me input for a universal message.  The energy in the room shifted a bit, heavier for a moment, but not uncomfortable. I felt like I was about to receive a lecture of sorts. Not the kind of lecture where the scolding leaves you feeling less than, more like a serious plea of “Pay attention, we’re trying to help you here!”

The Angels have three goals they wanted to give us this morning and they were clear in guiding me.  I laughed a little as I saw each card I was directed to pull and told them, “You know this message isn’t for me?” to which I heard the reply, “We know. You’re not the only one!” 

So what do the Angels want us to focus on and carry with us each day? “Forgiveness.” “Music.” “Listening.”

The Angels went on to tell me, “Be alive inside, but forgive yourself (referring to me. I really need to improve my self forgiveness) and others. Let go of unwanted baggage and any mental or physical clutter around you.  It only burdens your soul and weighs your energy down, keeping you from exploration and the lightness of your spiritual energy.  The dense energy deprives you of a true light hearted happiness!  It also depletes your physical energy. Open your creative doors and dance like you have wings that keep your feet afloat simply on air.  Listen to more music. Positive, soothing music that lifts your soul and makes your energy feel alive, relaxed, and moves your body.  Above all, the Angels said, “LISTEN! We hear you. We know you’re talking to us. Could you pay a little closer attention, please?  We have a lot to tell you!”

So I ask you, is there an area in your life where you need to “Stand Your Ground” and be true to yourself?
Is there anything you need to forgive (yourself included)?  Are you listening to music and letting your thoughts shift from any stressors or worries to lightness? (pay attention to what you listen to, it will affect you! Positive music enlightens! Negative lyrics can bring your energy down.)   While you prepare your holiday rush, are you sitting still long enough or taking quiet moments  to hear your angels as they lovingly send messages to guide and warm you through your day?  They want to help and are only waiting for you to ask it of them.

Should you have questions or are in need of guidance, life coaching or clairvoyant input about a situation in
your life, you can reach me HERE and HERE or email be at

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**Please note that cold readings are very difficult to do in 3 minutes and more time is needed to travel through one’s energy accurately. (Approximately 5 -10 minutes at best. Average readings are 20 to 30 minutes)  Please be honest and fair when leaving feedback. When one will leave negative feedback that is completely false in nature about predicitons or things that were not said during their brief 3 minutes, there is nothing I can do but send that person the greatest of love and healing energy.**


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