There’s Music in the Message …


Are you one of those people that get frustrated with all the ‘positive thinking’ junk and secretly write hate mail to positive thinking authors, believing that the Law of Attraction is just the Law of BS?  You’ve gotten good things in life without manifesting and being positive, so you just don’t see the need (even if life is like a roller coaster, big highs and really, really deep lows).  Besides, any change ranks high on your PITA list?

Positive thinking and manifesting don’t have to rank high on your PITA list, but I admit, you do have to practice while learning to step away from the habitual negative thought process you may not even know you’re carrying around in your head.  It’s like quitting smoking, giving up a bad habit that truly isn’t good for you, yet you’re still very attracted, even craving it. For some, it’s such an ingrained habit they don’t see what’s wrong with it. Others are just now stepping away from denial, and still others have awakened, fully embracing the ease of living, serenity, hope and manifestation that comes from positive thinking.

Today’s message is about music and manifestation, reminding us the powerful ally music serves to boost, not only our spirits, but our manifestation process as well.  Music is of a higher frequency than that on the physical plane. When listening to positive music, it can wrap us in a protective shield to guard us from negative energies. The right music (meaning music with positive lyrics and sound) will lift our emotions and thoughts to joyful levels!

Sing it, dance to it, feel the music around you while you think about manifesting your desires!

Feel stuck and like positive thinking and manifestation never work for you and want to know why?
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**Today’s Message comes from the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins card deck by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.**


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