What Blessing Will You Give?


What blessing will You give to your day?
Whether you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, no matter your religious
or non religious preference, the translation of this season is LOVE. 
Simply LOVE.

What LOVE will you show, first yourself, and then others today?
Will you do an Act of Unconditional Kindness for a complete stranger? 

I challenge you to extend kindness through your day to all.
I challenge you to nurture and care for yourself, with loving boundaries & to honor the boundaries of others.
I challenge you to do one act of unconditional kindness for a stranger.

Are you up to the challenge?

Should you find yourself needing guidance about an area of your life (relationship, family, career)
You can reach me HERE or HERE. For private, non 800 dial-in sessions & rates
please email me at fairiemoonchild@gmail.com


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