What Do Skinned Knees, Learning to Walk & Self Love Have in Common?


Without Balance, there would be a lot of skinned knees.
You learned to walk without falling, didn’t you? 
Then it only stands to reason, you can learn to ‘balance’ your life, it’s various activities and schedules,
while learning to make sure you take time out for YOU.  GUILT FREE!
And!  You can do it without failing or falling!

The juggling act will become less difficult to keep in the air
when you schedule in that bit of time for You and ONLY YOU.
Five minutes, 10 minutes. More. 
No one will fall apart, the world won’t end, but YOU will recharge and have an opportunity to begin again

Oh, you may have a few skinned knees now and then while you learn the ‘Art of Self Balance.’
You may deal with a pout or two from a child, a friend, or a significant other. 
Rest assured, you’re teaching them a valuable life skill, which is far healthier than enabling any bad behavior!

Keeping your balance & priorities in place sets a strong, positive & healthy example for those around you. 
It says, “I value myself and you should value yourself, too.  I’m Worth It, and so are You!”
It allows the door of Self Love in your life to swing a little wider, letting in more golden opportunities
and happiness, setting boundaries to any would be negative energy drainers.

As you awaken to your true self, discovering what it is YOU aspire to dream of and what YOU would like to do or be,
remember to gently nudge yourself into a time out of even five minutes.  Simply breathe, relax, and enjoy YOUR dream or create a New Dream, while you manifest & build the process of achieving your goals.


You belong to YOU.  Love You. 

When you begin to apply healthy boundaries and Self Love into your life on a daily basis,
empowering self esteem and confidence will be your reward.  Happiness guaranteed to follow! 

Like the spring petals of a new flower just beginning to bloom, it’s important to remember to be gentle with you.    

Let the Healing Begin!

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