Honesty Will Set You Free!

Honesty will set you free.

When we lie to ourselves or to others, it’s an immediate down grade in our energy level.  It darkens us and creates dense, heavy energy around ourselves and within us.  All of a sudden our day begins to feel so much heavier, trudging begins to happen.

Lies are not necessary when healthy boundaries are in place.
It takes honesty and practice, but seriously, you can do this!

Simple ways to start boundaries are with a “no thank you” or
“I’m not comfortable doing that” or “maybe next time, but not now” or “I’m not comfortable talking about this”  or “I’m going to have to set a boundary & end this conversation.” Practice!

Any of the above are good starts to empowering yourself and begin setting that HEALTHY boundary!  No means No not maybe!

The odds are, the person your lying to knows it.
Perhaps you have another situation where there is someone in your life that knows they’re bullying or manipulating you to get their way.  Manipulators are a negative energy all unto themselves and take stronger boundary work to protect yourself from being drained.

Should you be chronically around negative or bullying people, not only are healthy boundaries totally necessary to avoid high stress levels, there may be other life changing disciplines that need to happen as well!

Take HONEST action for the New Year.

The vibrant light within you will shine brightly
and THANK YOU for it.
Honesty heals what a lie will steal.
Be Free.
Have Questions or need HELP finding your way to feeling Empowered? 

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