The More LOVE You Put into Your Life …

The more LOVE you put into your life,
the more LOVE you get back.
It doesn’t mean latch on to someone & love them to death,
making them the center of your world & you’re biggest priority.

That’s not love. That’s dependency.
Putting LOVE into your Life means …
LOVE everything you do.
LOVE what’s good about your job, even if you want another job.
LOVE the good parts of your relationship, even if you’re mad at your significant other.
LOVE your relationship with balance, not dependency.
LOVE Yourself with kind & gentle nurturing, making time in your day for YOU.
LOVE each moment of your day, focusing more on what you like rather than dislike.
LOVE your friends, bring kindness to the table, whether you agree or disagree.
LOVE the air you breathe, fill your lungs with smiles.
LOVE the bright green & fresh blooms, announcing Spring is here.
LOVE the gentle petals of a flower and how they unfold.
LOVE the happy chirping of birds, reminding you Today is YOUR Day!
LOVE the wisp of clouds dancing in the sky.
LOVE the stranger who looks like they need a helping hand.
LOVE the way the rain washes the earth, whether a gentle, misty, trickle or a down pour..
LOVE the life giving glow of the sun and let it brighten your heart.
LOVE the kindness you see in the eyes of a friend, family or lover.
LOVE the wet nose of your 4-legged friend, prodding you to reach down & pet them.
When you LOVE and embrace the little details of your life, you
open your heart’s door with GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION
and suddenly,
Your Life is SO MUCH MORE,
Than Anything you’d ever Hoped for!.
LOVE Life.

Fall IN LOVE with *YOUR* LIFE.
Happiness Guaranteed to Follow.
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  1. If we really thought about all the ways to love and filled our minds with it life would have to be so much better. Very good post.

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